I got a new/old cassette player (from eBay again) installed in the Sunbird and my grandma gave me a collection of old tapes she had. Literally a briefcase full. I was jamming to some old school Dolly Parton today. The stereo is loud as can be when playing a tape. It’s literally just the radio that is quiet. So, it is just the amplifier that is bad. I’ll fix that someday.

I got a $5 tape adapter at Walmart and promptly listened to “Jolene”, since the car’s name is Jolene. Also fixed my broken trunk light with a $4.00 Walmart purchase.


Took my grandmother for her first ride in it today. She said she was shocked at how smoothly it rides for being so old. And, she said the engine was surprisingly quiet and she likes the seatbelt buckle because it is easier to press than her SRX’s.

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