I promised to let you in on Cactus experience, so here’s a little bit.

Today we left from The Hague (NL) to Frankfurt (DE). This morning I put all of our stuff (two adults, two kids) in the cactus and we left. The trunk takes a lot more than you’d think, thanks to the Cactus being a hatchback.

The ride is good. I mean, good. You sit up pretty straight. The seats are comfy, but not too comfy. I have the business package and some extras. I have the three cilinder 1,2 liter engine. It is surprisingly powerful. Over the journey of 500 km’s, I have come to appreciate it a lot.


The transmission, called ETG5 is very adequate, and I have come to understand the way it operates. The whole car always seeks to be as efficient as possible, resulting sometimes in driving in fifth gear when ideally you wouldn’t. Step on the gas and the transmission shifts down to give you power, or you can use the flippers to do it yourself. All in all, as soon as you familiarise yourself with this transmission, you’ll feel right at home. In higher speeds you will find that there is enough power when needed.

I noticed that when driving 110 km/h, it does 5 liter per 100kms, making the car pretty efficient. I did 120 km/h for a while, and the car showed me 6 liter per 100 kms. Being full with luggage and people, that is pretty good. It never felt like it lacked power.

The start/stop system is very good. It is quick, so it does’t bother in any way.

Allright, it’s late here, I have consumed several alcoholic beverages, so it’s time to leave you, my dear friends, with a few images. More to come! Tomorrow, we take the Cactus to Beieren.


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