This popped up on my local Facebook for sale page and I can’t like... I want a piece. I had a dune buggy for a couple years, before I bought the Alfa, and it is to date my least favorite car. Slow, difficult to control, shit on the highway, and 100% knowledge I’d be killed in a wreck.

Still though, my biggest problem with my buggy was how slow it was and how cobbled together it was. This one doesn’t appear to have either problem as it doesn’t have an engine and looks like it has only been assembled once.


I shouldn’t and won’t buy it.... but the thought or re-doing my buggy right is... tempting.

Seller’s Description

1971 Concept One VW. Very rare, this is so cool, someone please put this one back on the road!!! Comes with all options: Factory side steps, engine cover, soft top, windshield and alloy rims. Bug chassis already shorted, pans are in great shape, reman transmission, new adjustable coil over shocks f&r, new mounts f&b, brakes completely gone through with new steel lines and rubber brake lines. Needs motor. Super Cool !!! Come check it out.$2,500 OBO

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