Suck it Cold - you can't stop the MontegoMan!

We had a temporary bonus 10 degrees on Saturday, so to the garage I went! It was a balmy 36 degrees out when I started work and it was just in time for oil changes and I knew my wife's 08 Jeep Commander was dripping a bit of oil on the driveway. I suspected the drain plug, since I even marked on her oil change sticker it needed a new gasket on next change.

Damn was I right. Here's the pics of her new vs old drain plugs sitting on the rear of the Montego:


For the record, this Jeep only has 65k miles on it. There is pretty much zero gasket left on this thing and no, it wasn't on the oil pain either, it just disintegrated.

So that oil leak should be all handled.

To avoid some of the cold (and more importantly the wind) I was able to nose the Milan and the Jeep into the garage on the ramps so the front ends of them were safe from the wind. There's currently too much stuff stored in the garage to fit a second vehicle, hoping for a shed this summer to make that happen.


Here's the Milan on ramps after finishing up it's change, check out all dat Mercury!


Guy I bought the Montego from years ago gave me those random insulation board pieces, they work great to lay on if you don't have a creeper.

What say you OPPO - did you let the cold keep you down?!

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