Sucky Day, Yesterday

I got an email yesterday from Amazon asking how I would rate a Playstation electronic gift card. Problem is, I don’t own a Playstation. “Motherfucker,” I thought, “it’s happened again.”

A couple weeks ago the same thing happened, but it took a couple days for me to find out, because I work two jobs, so I got the email a couple days late. I spent time I didn’t have dealing with Amazon’s shitty customer service and my bank’s better customer service trying to fix this mess. I had to change the Amazon passwords and leave one payment option instead of multiple ones. Guess that didn’t work, so back on the phone with Amazon and my bank.


Here’s where it gets interesting: I left my computer logged on at work the night before, as I had done many times in the past several years, but when I came in, the web browser was open on my personal email. Fuck me running, I was robbed by a coworker.

My boss was pissed, mainly because he’s trying to foster a family-vibe amongst all of us. He was glad I admitted/recognized my own negligence, but said it was still fucked up a colleague thought it was ok to steal from someone in the same office. IT’s doing an investigation on my workstation today, to cover all the bases; someone from IT did an initial check of browsing history to find that someone had used my workstation to go on Amazon when I was not there.


I’m fucking gutted by this. I’ve had shitty co-workers in the past; hell, I’ve been the shitty co-worker, but nothing like this ever crossed my mind.

On the plus side, I saw a Dacia Duster yesterday. Never saw one in Salt Lake City.

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