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Sudden Brainwave (Plans for my own turbo truck)

Ever since I saw Mighty Car Mods build Gramps (and Supergramps), and one of my professors at college making a twin turbo S10, I’ve just thought what I would do if I were to make my own.

So the idea is to get a previous generation Colorado/Canyon (I chose 5 cylinder mainly for the sound, but 6 still works, I prefer the 5 cylinder warble), harvest a turbo from a larger truck (probably a Cummins diesel) a decent intercooler (could also be pulled), and tune it for a reliable and wide power band on low boost pressure (under 10 PSI), because internals are stock at that point, and reliability is a concern, Forged internals would come when the ‘next level’ would be reached. I am well aware it has been done before, it’s better than just going the ‘easy way’.


What you guys think?

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