Sudden want – RS3 edition

Audi’s RS3 is a hatchback with a turbocharged I5 engine and four potentially driven wheels. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it when they introduced it, and it never quite made it beyond a car with a beautiful engine but not really anything else for me. Dated platform. Not-so-great interior. There’s some things.

Now they did the RS thing again with the new A3 Sportback ... and I want one. Bad. It looks better than the first iteration, it’s no longer a dated platform and the interior now looks more modern as well. They also went for symmetrical oval tips this time. Yay! <3


I’m sure the current Civic Type R will be much sharper in comparison, as will the current-generation Focus RS (probably, hopefully) ... and still I find myself liking this car more and more, despite obvious flaws like built-in safety understeer, numb steering etc. pp.

As Alex Goy recently pointed out, this thing has almost as much power as Audi’s own R8 sports car had when it came out. 360 PS for the RS3 vs 420 PS from the R8 V8. That is how far “hot hatches” have come .... if you can still call it that at this point ... not that I mind power.


Oh ... and it burbles and cracks! Burbling hatchback ftw.

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