I woke up yesterday morning to a post on my local motorcycle Facebook page about a suspiciously low price Grom. Still having some cash left over from the sale of my Triumph and curiosity/skepticism regarding what all the Grom hype was about, I made the trek an hour and a half north to pick up this little guy.

The stickers were not my doing

The Grom is a weird little thing. On paper, it’s specs read like a scooter, it is slow, impractical, can’t really do highway, has an ancient motor design, but an MSRP that puts it DEEP into “low mileage SV650" territory. I honestly cannot imagine how this got past the bean counters at a company like Honda, much less got approved to come to the US. It is hard to describe the sensation of riding one, or more specifically, what it does to your brain. Within minutes I went from fairly safe veteran motorcyclist, to kid riding a big wheel. Can’t really put my finger on what does it either, I have scooters with almost identical specs that don’t bring out half as much hooligan. Every stop light feels like a chance to lock up the rear wheel, every green, a chance to go full throttle all the way to the limiter in each gear. It’s wonderful.

Initial impression from the 2 hour ride home is that the Grom is an IDEAL city bike. First off, for how small it is, the riding position is actually comfortable. Like they took everything from a normal motorcycle, shrunk it by 25%, but left the rider triangle full scale. It filters it’s way through traffic like nothing else, and it’s slow enough that you can ride it hard without drawing much attention to the fact. On the highway it’s less at home. With me in open air it topped out around 55-60mph, a little sketchy on a road with other vehicles, but thankfully she loves to draft. On the second half of the highway section of the ride home, I found a semi with good pace and sat at a comfortable 65-70 without much effort. Can’t imagine I’ll be doing much highway riding, but it is nice to know that she will do it just fine for short treks. The fuel economy also seems to be amazing, the gas gauge barely moved for the whole ride.

I think we are going to be friends. I’ll do a longer write up at some point, but the initial impression is quite good.,