My brother needs a first car. He wants something unique. Oppo knows unique cars.

Here’s what he wants:

-Something cool and slightly unusual. It can’t blend in parked in the high school parking lot. A Suzuki Equator may be rare, but it’s also anonymous. A Nissan Juke or Cube may look weird, but they’re everywhere. He wants a bit of style or quirkiness.(This may be the first thing that gets compromised on).

-Something with enough space for his guitar, amps, and other related band-type equipment, backpacks, duffle bags, etc. As long as it has back seats or a useable trunk, it should be big enough.

-Niceties such as power windows, A/C, cruise control, heated seats, and a moonroof.


Here’s what he needs:

-Something safe, reliable, and reasonably priced to run and insure for a high school male


-MPG of at least 16 city, the car is mostly going to be driven around town.

-Let me reiterate the “safe” part. ABS, traction control, and a driver’s airbag at least.


Here’s what it won’t be:

-Something fast or racy. It doesn’t have to be slow, but no V8 Mustangs.

-A fixer-upper or project.

-A beater. I know this is something many of you will fundamentally disagree with, and I understand why, but that’s the way it is.


-Virtually anything German or British.

The car should have an asking price of under $8000 and a realistic purchase price of under $7500. It can be any transmission, as he drives auto but wants to learn stick. It can also be any body style. Please note that I’m not actually using this post as a way to pick his car, but I figured it would make a fun challenge and I never know what you guys may come up with that we haven’t thought of.


EDIT: As requested by some of you, here are most of the top contenders, in no particular order:

-Saab 9-2x, 9-3, or 9-5

-Lexus LS400, GS, or SC. Maybe an IS300 wagon.

-Volvo C30, S60R, XC70 or V70, possibly 850R, V50, C70 coupe or S80.

-Honda Prelude, Element, or 7th gen Civic Si

-Acura TSX, RSX, TL

-VW Golf/GTI, Passat, or Corrado (the German exceptions)

-Oldsmobile Aurora

-Buick Riviera Supercharged

-Subaru Impreza wagon, SVX, or Legacy GT

-Toyota Land Cruiser or Supra (non-Turbo)

-Infiniti G35, M45 first-gen, or Q45

-Cadillac STS

-Lincoln Mk VIII