Considering the comments on this post:

I thought you guys might have some more fun on another car site a bit further East. Especially for people not accustomed to Euro models.

So, at the ripe old age of 27, I am finally considering buying my first car. I have never really needed a car of my own before now. Since age 21 I have been working as a pilot, mostly living out of a suitcase in hotels and company-rented apartments. Anytime transport was needed there was either a company-owned or rented car, and for personal use I rented a car when needed. Before that, I drove the cars my parents own (Honda Jazz/Fit hybrid and second-gen Citroën C1).

Since May this year I have started working for a new company though, and it has allowed me to settle down a bit. Got my own apartment, 95% of my flights are point A-B-A flights so I almost always end up back home. My current apartment has no parking included though, and it’s expensive as f*** to park anywhere within walking distance.


I plan to move in the beginning of next year and will try to find an apartment with parking, so I can buy a car and be freed from the shackles of public transportation or rental cars :).

Help me find something or give some completely useless but fun suggestions by checking out this site:

You will find a lot of the same types of cars as the site in the post mentioned in the beginning, but also some more distinctly East Bloc cars.


Upper budget limit preferably €5000, but it’s for fun as well so show me your finds!

For useful suggestions, consider that this country (Estonia) has maybe 30-40% of it’s roads paved, winters can get as cold as -30C (-22F) and with lots of snow and ice. Roads will be salted a lot. Also, I’m not the most technically apt and experienced person. I could do work on the car myself after trial and error and learning, but would prefer not to have a black hole that sucks away my free time and money.