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Suggestion: OppoRally

This is inspired by a reply I got. We could arrange an Oppo rally. Take a week off work, get some cheap beaters, meet at the same location and just go. Have some beers at night. Not speed orientated, but focusing on great driving roads, finding the right checkpoints, that kind of thing. Anyone interested?


As you might’ve read I’m already participating in an old crapcan rally coming winter, called the carbage run. My guess is that many people here would be interested in such a thing, assuming acceptable conditions like low enough costs.

  • Some time between: Summer 2016 and summer 2017.
    Start on Sunday or Monday, finish the next Friday or Saturday, so it’ll cost a week plus weekends. Maybe 2 weeks if people would prefer such a thing.
  • Location: to be determined.
  • Continent: to be determined. 2-way transatlantic flights can be had for €500.
  • Car: anything road legal, preferably old/crappy/interesting.
  • Who: teams of 2-4 people per car, anyone with a valid drivers license and preferably at least a few years of driving experience.
  • A bit of cash will be needed, this won’t work for a broke college student.

I think this is a very interesting idea with lots of potential problems. Problems that might be fixable. Location and getting the cars there being the prime examples of problems that need a solution. Anyone who wants to chime in, please do. I’ll update this post if needed.


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