Suggestions For a New (Used) Car? My Brother Needs a New Car.

My brother is 18 and just wrecked his first car, a 96 Civic EX, he was trying to avoid an animal and ended up riding up the curb taking out his radiator bending his front suspension and other components. It got totaled by the insurance and now he's looking for a used car.

The budget is 8k or less, he prefers a coupe, transmission can be manual or auto (let's get him a manual he had an auto first), he wants it to be RELIABLE first and fore most, and he's leaning towards a Honda Civic Si 2006-08 to give you an idea of what he likes, but I told him he would be hard pressed to find one for 8k or less as so many people sell their Civic Si's way more than their KBB value.

Any suggestions are welcomed. I personally have tried finding stuff for him. I have suggested a WRX, Prelude, and Celica GTS.

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