I intend to start getting into wrenching this summer, especially since I will be picking up a motorcycle that won’t be a PITA if it’s out of commission. My dad probably has a janky old torque wrench around somewhere, but I’d like to start building my tool collection and buy one for myself.

What kind(s) should I get, what should I look for as a sign of quality, how much should I spend?

I’d like something that I could use for most of the stuff on my bike, and use on a lot of the stuff on my car as well. As far as quality is concerned, I don’t need the absolute top of the line, but I’d be willing to make a decent investment for a good wrench that will last a long while.

Beyond what most of them are and what they do, I don’t know a lot about tools/tool brands, so go as basic as you feel the need to go.