Suggestions needed for driving (Learner)

I've currently paused my lessons but will resume them as soon as I have work. I won't even have to wait till I get paid from a new job as I have some lessons left from the last block. Anyways I've already had 2 full blocks (block = 10 lessons!) prior and it just wasn't progressing! I keep making BASIC mistakes and it is so frustrating, on paper (when I chat with my instructor and he uses his cool app on his Pad) or on big (easy) roads there is almost never a problem but when it comes to town driving it just all goes to shit!! I also failed the Hazard Perception part of the Theory Test. Example issues: correct sequence of events in a situation, spiral roundabouts how and why, judgind appropriate speed approaching a bend or junction, staying focused but also relaxed.

I know most of you probably passed with one block but I am just regressing after initial progress. Pretty much everyone I speak to has passed in 10 hours. Frankly what I need is to practice outside of lessons but my mum's is an auto. Those who struggled initially please tell me how you overcame those hurdles; UK drivers any specific tips though I'm pretty sure driving in the US is not much different? Much appreciated!!

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I'm learning in a silver Jazz with DriveJohnson's, this is the closest I could find haha.

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