Detailed parts, labor, and repair items necessitated by the rebuild it had 4-5k miles ago is still coming. Rebuild to start as soon as the invoice is complete. I want the car back, and Korman "don't play" when it comes to getting the job done. Unlike the joker that took 2 years to leave me with this mess.

Findings from engine disassembly and inspection necessitated by excessive noise and loss of power:

1) Excessive piston to cylinder wall clearance. BMW specification is .03mm (.0012") to .06mm (.0024"). Clearance as measured is .1mm (.004"). This would cause engine noise, oil consumption and loss of power.

2) Incorrect oil pump. Oil pump installed is from another BMW model and lacks the proper secondary valve to prevent oil drain back when engine is shut down. At start up, the engine oiling system would need to be fully pressurized before lubrication reached vital components resulting in excessive wear and noise. It is also unable to provide sufficient flow at high RPM's.

3) Worn valve guides. Exhaust valve tilt clearance specification .031", clearance as measured .033". The excessive wear in the guides and valve stems would result in increased oil usage and loss of power.

4) Incorrect valve and valve seat widths. BMW specification for intake valve and seat sealing surface widths is 1.2mm. For exhaust the specification is 1.4mm. Measured at 2.0mm. This larger area results in a poor seal between valve and head and would cause loss of power from blow by and oil use.

5) Thread locking compound used on cam carrier fasteners where none should be used.

6) SAE fasteners used to attach exhaust manifold, stripping threaded holes in aluminum cylinder head.

7) SAE fastener used to attach alternator adjusting bracket to front cover, stripping metric threads in cover.