2015 was epic for cars.
It was a great year... and here’s why.

Alcatel Lucent Car Show of Summer 2015!

Here’s Perry washing his Nissan 370Z, getting it ready for the car show!
600 horsepower R-STI with mad flames out of the exhaust among the cars at the show. Zipppyart should have a lot more.
The after-show, undercover cop car ready to crush any hopes of a street race between Perry’s cars.

The Next-Mod car show in Ottawa, conveniently a day after the Alcatel-Lucent one!

The boys getting ready with their toys. 370Z and 350Z. Perry picks me up and takes me to the carshow for another round of dope-ass cars!


Absolutely awesome turn-out at this car-show.
Many of these guys made it down from Toronto to show-off their awesome cars.


Needless to say, the coolest cars in Canada sleep during the winter and come out during the salt-free months.
I am excited because I will get to photograph even more awesome cars this summer!

Who else is excited for summer?