Artsy GT350R for your time and/or money.

So, I posted in January (maybe?) about getting a summer job at the Porsche place where my brother worked the summers before his senior (HS) and freshman (college) years (I’ll be a junior in August). Well, I haven’t heard anything back from them and I sent that email a looooooong time ago. My brothers thinks that the guy who runs the place really only lets customers’ kids work there now. Oh well, I guess it was kind of a long shot anyway. However, I’ve applied at two retail places and a Chick-fil-a by my house as well, and I haven’t heard back from any of them. It’s been weeks since I applied, and complete radio silence. Then, someone at my school who works in communications offered me an internship this summer, but they don’t know whether they will have the money to do it or not. And since Blipshift didn’t pick up my design (*sad trombone*), it looks right now like I’m only going to get any money from mowing my yard and my grandparents’. This is my first experience attempting to get any employment, and so far, it’s not going very well. You could buy my shirt on Redbubble (pls do) but I only get paid $20 at a time, so it’s not like that’s anything close to being a steady source. I’ve been on RB for more than a year a half, and I’ve made a grand total of maybe $35, only $21 of which I’ve actually received. *sigh* Who knows, maybe someone will call back but it’s not looking that way right now.