A ‘59 Schwinn Corvette with

Give me a break, it’s all I can afford... meaning free. Weather was good, so I finally got a chance to look over my new used bike; from what I can tell it definitely needs new tires and new inner tubes. The tire’s side walls are cracked, though I’m unsure if the tires are a special type of tire for the bike, or if any tire can be replaced on it.

I am also interested in getting the bottle dynamo working again, aka, the little generator that powers the front and rear light. That would be incredibly awesome.


The rear wheel has at least one spoke broken. I called a bike shop and it is indeed possible to get the spokes redone/replaced. So color me interested. I’m really interested and excited to bring this bike back up to specs; namely with most of the patina still left intact. Like a old muscle car, I feel like the patina gives it a nice, unique, used look. I would never dream of repainting it.

From what I can tell, the bike is mostly original. Only two things seem to be ‘wrong’ that I can find. The first is the handlebars, the original pointed upwards, not down. Of course, the handlebars could of been flipped. I’m planning on flipping them sometime in the future, to see if that’s true or not. Secondly, the original handlebar grips are completely gone. Looking at pics online, the grips have the name ‘Schwinn’ on it, and for this color blue the grips are supposed to be white. The grips aren’t too important though, it would just be cool.

Overall, I think fixing this bike is feasible, despite having little prior experience with bikes. The hardest thing would be the spoke issue, and putting the rear wheel back on straight (I’ve never had luck with that). Still, it’s a challenge.

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