Last week I took a little drive across one of my country’s more interesting roads: the Afsluitdijk.

A 30 something km road on a dyke seperating the ijsselmeer lake with the ocean.

It is quite a sight the first time you drive on this long stretch of road between all that water.


Then later on in the weekend we pulled into a parking garage in the lovely town of Sneek, upon entry, the angle of the ramp was steeper than I anticipated. so I slammed the front bumper, hard... #stancelyfe #stocksuspensiontho???

anyways, all that was rectified by the eye candy that was parked in said garage:


The Celica made the 400-500 km round trip without skipping a beat, and it still only plays 80's music without sounding too awful. On the way back, just as I parked, I hit a new milestone:

And to this day, about 3 years into ownership of this car, my first car, a true barnfind, it has never let me down or has left me stranded. (knocks on wood)