Summer tires at a ski mountain, only in California.

Last weekend I took a trip up to Mammoth with my STi for the first time to spend a couple of days skiing. Since it was late April, the chance of frozen precipitation was near zero and the weather looked nice and sunny, so I made the trip with my Falkens still on the car. These are low treadware summer tires so they definitely are not your typical drive to the ski mountain rubber. It was an easy 5 hour drive with the cruise control set to ~75 the whole way there. To avoid traffic, I left home at 330am and parked at the mountain bright and early at 830am and got on a ski lift by 845am. Then I had an excellent two days of skiing, since it wasn’t all that crowded and the wind was pretty light (by Mammoth standards). It was surprising how cold it was (18F at the top on Saturday) but further down the mountain was some lovely spring skiing. The altitude (11k feet) definitely affected me through more exhaustion than normal but overall I delt with it fine.


There was still plenty of snow up there, I have no doubts they will easily be able to make it to the projected Memorial Day closure. I am hoping to make another trip up in May but we shall see. My pass for next year includes free skiing until the end of the season this year but I have a lot going on this month and even more in June/July so it might be nice to spend some time at home instead.

And overall, the Subaru made for a great drive up to the mountain. Having some wide open roads and huge elevation changes makes that car really shine in comparison to the Miata. Plus being able to shut the windows, turn on some AC, and just cruise in peace without all of the wind noise was kind of nice. The 6CD changer being my only source of music definitely got old but that should be an easy fix some day with an aftermarket head unit. I burned a dozen or so CDs but I really like listening to everything on shuffle and I am not about to start creating mix CDs like it is the year 2000 again. Assuming the car doesn’t blow up on me anytime soon, I am thinking it will be an excellent road trip car and allow me to stay track focused with the Miata without requiring suffering during lengthy drives.

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