AKA - Track day bro! Spoiler alert: no deer. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Dudes: this past weekend I had another track event (representing days #5 and 6 on track so far this season) at Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia. I've been there before, back in 2012, but had only driven the Jefferson circuit (newly expanded) up until this weekend. The main circuit is a whole other can of worms. Learning a new track is always exciting and challenging, so I knew I was in for a good weekend if the weather held off. It did.

Saw a bunch of this ^^ stuff, as usual. The 430 Scud was actually a shared car (see the two sets of numbers?) and the "slower" driver was in the intermediate group with me - got to spend quite a bit of time listening to the symphony that thing makes. Awesome.

This was my crew: Z4 M coupe, E92 335i and my E90 M3.


Looked like it was going to rain but never really did. Some sprinkles (which you can see blasting off my windshield at the tail end of the Run 4 video, below). Track was an absolute blast, part technical and part flat out speed. I saw an indicated 143mph on the front straight, half of which (including the braking zone) is downhill.

Here's a video of me working through traffic, which should start at the 13:30 mark. Yes, that is a 997 GT3 being driven rather slowly. Gotta start somewhere I guess.

SO - aside from me dawdling around out there, there was also a club race each day. Those are fun to watch. It's multi-class, all BMW, and it's great racing.


The picture above is the racers lined up on the false grid before going out on track for the first race, and the 66 car belongs to my friend and sometimes instructor Lou. Like most of the people there, Lou is an awesome dude. When the track is cold the custom is to break out the libations.


Those beers were later replaced by the Macallan 12 and a variety of bourbon - oh, and boxes of cigars. It's fine guys, it's the south, ok?

Here's the final session of the event, wherein I follow my friend with the 335 around. In the last session the goal is always "dial it back, have fun." I hope you like the Heart that happened to be on the radio at the beginning. I sure as heck did.