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Sun and Cars // May 4th 2019

May 4th is actually a day of remembrance in the Netherlands. We remember everyone who has lost their lives in conflict, both civilian and military. Each of those lives has in some way shape or form enabled the freedoms we have today so I had to make this mention.

With that, on to the show. I was feeling like crap for a while, if you want to know what was going on watch the vlog section, if not jump the video to the 6:44 mark for the start of the show footage (you’ll miss a 720s going ham from a light though, but that’s ok). I was glad the weather was nice for once, the past shows were all plagued by cold and rain. It got warm towards the end of the show, but I am lugging around a tripod, slider and a camera so that weighs on a man after a few hours of shooting.


I absolutely loved the Ford GT. A keen eye would notice the hypercars sitting behind it. I have shot those in past installments if you want a closer look. This time I decided to just focus on the Ford and boy is that a great looking car.

I am super happy whatever I had is cleared up now. You never appreciate what you got until you lose it.


I wonder if anyone on OPPO went to this show? If so, which was your favorite?

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