Sun dog

Yesterday it was actually clear shortly before sunset and we got to see a sun dog. The other one was hiding behind the trees, so I didn’t bother trying to get both in the picture. Besides, that would mean having the sun in the middle and would have just ended up with a blown out iPotato picture.

Sun dog from the Finn’s kitchen window.
Photo: My photo

It was chilly too, and by the time I got done snow blowing the driveway it was around -10°F. I didn’t realize how cold it was, but was wondering why my jacket was all stiff and frosty when I got done.  I had been planning to wait until today to clean the driveway, but the grader came by and scraped the road so there was a berm of snow at the end of the driveway and in front of the mailbox.  No sense annoying the mailman, so I cleaned it up last night.

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