Sunchaser console complete

New rear section, and new shift boot and frame to hold it in place.


But wait, I hear you asking, what about the boiled battery?

Well, I talked to my mechanic, who could not fot me in. Like our own HisStigness, he encouraged me to purchase an expensive AGM battery. Based on my description, he did not believe there qas much to be worried about. He says alternator problem is unlikely the culprit. He thinks I drive it too much in hot weather and I need a battery more capable in the heat.

So I bought one and installed it. He said he does not believe my car will burn like an angry Ferrari, and suggested I drive it for a couple of days with the new battery and look for symptoms. He thinks I worry too much. Toyotas are solid, and electical problems are rare, he tells me. He says the fires are always the modded out ones. It it was a Fiat, he says, I’d already be dead. I spend a lot of money there for this kind of mechanic humor.

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