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I am like a new mother fretting over a baby with a cold with this car.

As one of you warned me, my boiled over battery could have been due to a voltage issue with my alternator. I tried to take the car in yesterday, but I had to wait until after cardiac rehab, and by the time the tow truck got here (he insisted on jumping the car and wrapping the ends of the battery cables (a process I was not excited about) so I could drive it to the shop. I did, and arrived 10 minutes after I closed. The truck driver suggested that the battery problem was that it is too damn hot here. He said (as one of you observed) that a gel battery would do better here.


This is the kind of thing I don’t take chances with in with this car. What worries me is that the voltage gauge in the dash seems to be twitching more than I remember. It twitches to the rhythm of the turn signals, and goes up with RPM.

Should I just buy and install a gel battery, then drive it in to the shop? Or tow? (Free from AAA) I welcome not only opinions, but gentle mocking of how much of a baby I am about this car.

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