After spending the morning in court in Monterey winning a dismissal, I got home as the wet weather broke. Sunny and 65 degrees - perfect to drive my car, even of it is filthy (no chance to wash it due to rain). So I took it down to the fine folks at Wheel King to mount my new wheel. The guys there are really nice.

Wheel King is the best wheel store.
This is winter
Road filth - this is a driver’s car, not a show car.
Fixable, but cheap to replace.

The curb rash wasnt bad on the old one, but the new one was only a little more than $100.


After the restoration is done, I am determined for it to be in the JCCS in the fall.

Toby supports my rationalizations as long as he gets to go for a ride. He also will accept cuddles.


He has been eating that Santa hat, though.