FOURZA Continental Tires Sports Car Challenge (CTSCC)


Sunday, 19 July, 4:30 pm (1630hrs) EST.

Round 1. Sebring International Raceway. 15 laps.

Coincidentally, the CTSCC is on Fox 2 right now at Canadas Mosport Raceway!


I’m stoked!

Hope to see you at the track...

2:18 is the lap pace.

Big Thanks to those that came out to race today.

The inaugural race for the CTSCC had a much lighter turnout than expected...

Some say they didnt see the post (see below); some didnt show up on the race day they asked for; and others....Anyhow,


Not sure why this brand new post isnt showing up on the main page with everyones elses FOURZA posts, when I search for races.

Here are the RACE RESULTS:

CONGRATULATIONS to the winner! African TacoMan!

1. (1 pt)——African TacoMan———-Aston Vantage——————-1 pt


2. (2 pts)——Fearless Swift—————-Ford Mustang GT ‘05——-2 pt


3. (3 pts)——Robluvcars1——————-Dodge Challenger ‘09——-3 pt


4. (4 pts)——GoatBird————————-Nissan 370Z———————-4 pt



Todays race was a learning experience. My mic/headset went out a the start of the race so I had no commo; to compound issues, I went wide on a couple of turns on two different laps, and ended up in the grass and lost a crap load of time...Must.Learn.To.Focus


However, the biggest issue was the huge disparity in lap times. There was a 3 second margin on both ends of the 2:18 lap pace. The lap time range was from 2:15 to a 2:21 posted. That is way too fast in some cases, and way too slow for others. If too fast, please reduce the PI; starting with changing tires from race compound to sport compound, then if needed, removing tire width. That slows you down in the corners, but you still have power on the straights to remain in the race. If running slower, please opt to use the BoP to post competitive laps. Its a lot more fun guys if we are all racing together...

Hope to see you next race!


Be there, or be square!

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