This British nutcase swapped the transmission, and he uses the car as a track toy. Check out his channel for videos of him whipping around small road courses at 10/10ths.

The wildest sound I’ve ever heard from an M30B35, which BMW stuffed into the aging E24 during its final years of production (88 and 89) - it’s a 3.5 liter straight six, so it sounds great uncorked.

This thing sounds like a spaceship. The turbo spools down slower than the engine drops revs, so it even sounds incredible when the motor drops into idle. And of course, it sounds like a beast on takeoff too.

That AMG bark. Still alive and well in the age of the biturbo setup. I wish I knew more about exhaust design, and the extent to which engine architecture affects a car’s exhaust note. BMW V8s sound “raspy” to me, whereas AMG motors usually hit a base note. I like both, but I’d love to understand the engineering behind the sound difference.

A brand new 911 Turbo. The sound of brutally efficient German power. Of course, now every 911 is a turbo... but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Turning up the boost on a base model and smoking an “old” 911 turbo with a standard carrera would be pretty funny.

So Oppo, what are some of your favorites?