Update four: perfection has been achieved

This is the best thing I’ve made so far today. Easy.

As far as stews go, it’s quite simple. Bunch of sliced carrots, even more chopped fingerling potatoes (red and gold), and a bit over 2 pounds of beef. I splurged on some USDA prime because there was a killer sale.

Sauce has 3/4 pounds of fresh minced garlic (seriously, my fingertips are raw from peeling all of it) as well as fresh cilantro, rosemary, and parsley. Bit of worchestire sauce, some good beef broth, and a bottle of my favorite BBQ sauce. Oh, and I grated about a quarter of a large onion, reeeeeal fine. I think that’s it? Anyways, it turned out great. Tangy, sweet, with a bit of kick. Meat falls apart on the spoon, taters are basically mashed with a nice piece of skin holding them together, and carrots have soaked up enough spices to make each bite a heavenly experience.


This is my favorite meal I know how to cook. One of the few things that will last me multiple days, and if I’m camping, there’s literally nothing else that improves the experience more than a good hearty stew in a thermos. Not even... BEER. I said it.

Update three:

I decided I didn’t want to bake the ribs, so instead as soon as the stew finishes (two hours) I’ll put the ribs in the crock pot! They’ll be done just in time for breakfast..... Mmmmm

My favorite BBQ sauce, brown sugar, garlic powder, and chilli powder

I still want to make one more thing tonight, but I’m not sure what. Maybe some kind of cider-based cocktail...


Update two:


*garlic cheese bread, that is. Bit too much parsley, but otherwise it’s bomb. Can you believe I had to go to three different supermarkets just to find parsley? Sheesh. I need a herb garden. Er... A bigger herb garden. All the other spices came from my deck!

Homemade garlic butter, a 90/10 mozzarella/parmesan cheese mix on top, and a healthy dose of herbs and spices. Perfectly baked for that oh-so-magical golden-brown cheese. The bread is a dense, chewy French variety with a thick crust. Notbad.gif

The momo box adds authenticity



My “hike every weekend of winter” plan got sidelined by the flu, so... Decided to cook today.

Making a beef stew in the crock pot, ribs will likely be baked (God I wish I had two crock pots) and a few pounds of gold potatoes will likely get chunked up and broiled with copious amounts of olive oil and garlic.


That’s not enough though. Ohhhhh no.

Give me some ideas for other things to make. Meats, side dishes, drinks, desserts.... Anything. I’m about to head to the grocery store. I miiiiight even go to the local butcher.....


Here’s what I’m working with.

The aforementioned slow cooker will be occupied all day.

I’ve got a dehydrator.

I’ve got a rice cooker that also steams things quite well.

Electric stove top.

A cast-iron dutch oven that’s never gotten any use outside of camping.


Oster blender from the 80's (they don’t make ‘em like they used to!)

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