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Sunday Cruise


Was a decent day for cruising in the Pine Barrens. It may have been cold and windy but the roads were long and winding; a pleasant respite from stop-go traffic and PA drivers.

Stopped by a friend’s place to check out some toys, he’s got a few cars and a couple of bikes. Learned a few things about this monster, a Honda ST1300. It makes glorious sounds and has a neat adjustable windscreen.

Bonus Z06

Interior of a 2002 CL55 AMG, need to drive this next time.


Had some great dinner to top the day off. I’ve found the easiest way to enjoy asparagus is to cover it in gratuitous amounts of fancy cheese. Was nice to get a cruise in before the Z gets track-prepped, hope everyone had a good weekend or at least got to drive their cars!

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