Sunday Discussion: Financial Advice

There are a lot of young/younger Opponauts on here, so I thought it would be a good idea if we gave some financial advice to each other, since it’s not something you learn at school and kind of end up learning a lot on your own. So, for those with financial experience, what advice do you have to keep people in the clear financially? And for those who have no clue what to do, what questions do you have?

For starters, I have two bits of financial advice:

1) Don’t treat a credit card like it’s unlimited money. Never spend more than you have with one, and try to find one that works for you. Yeah, that 4% cash back card looks fine and dandy, but if it has an annual fee and you barely spend enough to cover that fee, you might as well go with the free one.


2) Have a six month emergency fund. You never know how if you’ll be without work, so have some money saved up to give yourself some buffer room. Adjust your emergency fund as your life expenses change. Did your rent go up? Factor that in. Are you starting a new gym membership or buy a new car? Add the payments in. Just had a kid? Yup, time to save up some more money. That way, if something does go wrong, you’re not immediately screwed.

So, what advice do you have?

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