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Sunday Funday

Working on house, car, and meat projects. On the bright side, we’ve now basically maxed out my smoker’s capacity.

House: Put back up patio lights after they were torn down in a storm.
Car: Fix heater linkage in the Saab; Adjust timing
Meat: 10 pounds of balogna (two “chubs”), rack of St Louis Style ribs, full ham*, complete set of chicken pieces, pork roast, chuck roast, ahi tuna**, and chicken tenders**

Most of the meat is pre-cooked, either via sous vide or because it came that way. I did a 30 hour, 145 degree sous vide on the ribs and 8 hour, 133 degree on the chuck. The bologna looks that way because... reasons.


* My friend wanted more smoke flavor on the ham and to dry it out a bit. He is a bit odd.

** Not pictured (will put on after the chicken finishes)

Bonus picture: Looks Like I am going to have to get a bed for the humans too...

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