Sunday funday video games

I’m just going to go out and say it: Holy shit Salt and Sanctuary is hard! I get that I’m the “hardcore” gamer I used to be, but this thing is kicking my ass all over the living room.

I like the graphics and gameplay, although it strays slightly more into the “beat ‘em up” genre than I’d like. (I like beat ‘em ups, but I have always been bad at them). I’m not super fond of the system of dying where you can win back what you lost, in this case exp. To my mind the loss of progress is punishment enough. Further the continual loss of exp means your just going to eventually get behind on levels and you know that that means!



Ahh well. So far despite all this I find myself still playing, so at least there is that. I do kinda wish it had a multiplayer option. Oh apparently it sort of does. Cool...?


In a lot of ways the game puts in mind of Hotline Miami, but possible only because that was the last game that was very punishing, and I would frequently rage quit, but I kept coming back to.

Oh well.

I’ve got to take a shower and them I’m off to look at a shop. Actually it is a house, but it has a four car garage so... here we are. Actually I miiiiight skip. The are isn’t great and I, frankly, just don’t care right now.


Oh and also I left the Land Rover’s rear sunroof open during a rain storm so... that car is SOAKED.


Snuggle doggo for your time.

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