sunday morning coffee - how do you like it?


What’s your preference? Black? Milk? Cream? Sugar? Stevia?

Locally-roasted whole beans? Mass-produced pre-ground?

Plain drip? Espresso? French press? Something else?

Personally, I drink black coffee, maybe with a bit of milk or cream, but I never add sugar. Plain ol’ drip coffee is fine for me, but during the summer I do make my old cold brew which I absolutely love because it has a huge caffeine punch but with no acidity. Only rule I follow at home is to buy whole bean and grind my coffee as I need it rather than buying pre-ground.


I’m drinking a medium roast made by Kicking Horse, a Canadian company that’s readily available in grocery stores and Amazon. I’ve tried a bunch of their coffees and haven’t been disappointed.

Then again, I’m the kind of guy who’s not overly picky about coffee - if it’s around, I’ll probably drink it, but the one place I don’t voluntarily spend my money on is Tim Hortons. However, if someone at work buys me Tims then I’ll drink it, no complaints.

If I have to buy coffee, it’ll be McDs or Starbucks (which people love to shit on but I think is fine when you stay away from their high-sugar dessert coffees and stick with their plain brews) but it’s easier and cheaper just to brew at home and take it with you in a thermos. Local, fancy coffee shops are nice but when I go to those I drink fancier coffees, my preference being the flat white which sounds awfully boring but turns out to be pretty damn delicious.

Coffee is one of those things that’s just full of gatekeeping enthusiasts but at the end of the day imma drink it whatever fucking way I want to drink it.


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