Sunday Musings

I have some stuff rattling around in my head today and had my first close call of the year.

First up, I saw a Chicago Car2Go smart in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. That’s such a weird place to blow that kind of rental car money on.

In this “nerd memorabilia” store in Lake Geneva there were a bunch of holographic pictures for sale. One of them had a Jack Daniel’s and Harley Davidson theme. Only, someone didn’t tell this artist that a Honda Rebel isn’t a Harley.


There was also a Chevy Malibu racing through my town with its hazards on trying to get to the hospital next to my apartment. They recklessly passed every car they could while doubling or tripling the speed limit on the roads and residential areas. They got way too close for comfort passing me going about 60 in a 30. Despite their driving, I made it to the hospital (again, next to my apartment) before the aggro Malibu did without breaking any laws. What’s the point of driving like this when the people you passed will catch up with you at each light? And in my case, I knew the faster way to the hospital so it’s not even like they took the optimal route.

Finally, I think I know what I want my next bike to be: I either want a Buell, a BMW, or a Triumph. However, no Blasts! It also seems early 2000s BMWs can be "fun".

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