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Sunday on the Ice.

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Sunday turned out pretty good. I had 3 locals stop by with their quads and there were about 8 snowmobile runners down the street. The quads were ok, not my thing though. Those snowmobiles? They’re insanely fast. In a straight line.. I may need one. Just for laughs.


Nobody could keep up with the old 3 wheeler in the rough stuff though. When everyone else has 2-3x your displacement you take advantage of what you can.. It wasn’t really a race so much as an exploration. I could cut through the woods easier.

I had a few issues though. I lost my taillight somewhere. Literally lost it. It’s not there anymore. I had a tree branch swing up and whack the back of my helmet somewhere, I’m betting that’s when I lost it.. No worries. I have spares (lights and helmets!). The headlight went out just at dusk and had to run to O’Reillys, my rear brake started dragging and it started running a little hot toward the end of the night. Nothing big. Everyone decided to hit the Pub around 8pm and I headed home. Best Sunday ever!


Fixes/changes for next weekend.

PoBoy tire studs (done!)

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Swap the 14 tooth front sprocket for a 12

Fix or remove the rear brakes

Quickie rebuild on the carb and jet it up

Buy another “Go Pro” (this should be #1 really)

Less than a month ago I was trying to sell this machine. What the hell was I thinking?!

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