9:33 AM: "Dan, you want to go for a ride in my car?"

Me: <startled, a little confused, awoken> "Ah, sure, I just woke up, give me 5, I mean 10 minutes." At that point I jumped out of bed, took a shower quickly like I did in Iraq, completely motivated by a chance to go for a ride in what is probably one of the best cared for E92 M3s on the road. And it's wicked fast, supercharged by ESS with 520 hp on tap. My neighbor hit 148.71 mph at the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack back in June, coming in second in his class for the 1/2 mile time attack. This car may look pretty stock, but it's not even remotely stock. It's a monster.


Oh crap, I had to take the dog out. Henry fed and cared for: check. I headed over next door and hopped in the M3. We went for a ride north of our houses and then circle around. When 500+ hp are unleashed, you feel it as you are pushed back into the seat. The car has a little tail wiggle at full power, something that will be corrected soon with some add-on parts to control it. But who cares? The aural pleasure and sense of speed overcome your senses as you quickly, very quickly, approach and maybe surpass local limits.

It was a glorious day today. I made sure to record some of the drive.

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