Dear Subaru, I would like to submit an idea for a product. As you well know, Crossovers and SUV’s dominate the marketplace right now. I think Subaru has a strong showing for these vehicles, but would like you to consider adding one more.

I know you’re proud of your entry into the 3 row SUV race with the Ascent. But, you know what else is selling like hot cakes? Small Crosssovers like the Ecosport, CX-3, Trax and all the others that are not as important. Subaru, in my opinion does not have a product for this space. The Crosstrek is simply to big for this market.


Therefore, I ask that you create a small AWD Crossover with the Justy nameplate. Yes, I know you sell a rebadged Toyota Tank/Daihatsu Thor in Europe, but it is a POS and we all know it. Plus, Ford is selling ST vehicles in North America that are SUV’s/Crosovers while still offering “true” ST’s in Europe. Why can’t you sell a Justy here that is different? Or better yet, kill of this sad lump of crap:

A strong argument for car euthanasia

Listen, you created the Justy back in the late 80's early 90's with a eCVT because the market demanded small, cheap cars. Well, today the market demands small cheap(ish) Crossovers with CVTs. The time is so right for a triumphant return of this brand and I think that it will actually fit the heritage of the Justy nameplate unlike what Mitsubishi is doing with their legacy nameplates.

If you’ve read this, I hope that you will quickly take action and begin R&D on a small Justy Crossover. I know I’d buy one.


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