Hiked up to Colchuck lake near Leavenworth after getting dragged out of bed at 4am.

At 8 miles round-trip with just 2300ft elavation gain, it’s a very approachable hike that just about anyone could do. Even with moderate Plantar fasciitis (a momento from Thailand that has yet to heel 6 weeks later) I didn’t have much trouble.


Temps hovered around freezing, and once we reached the lake we all huddled together under a military issue mylar thermal blanket. First time trying one, and good God. It’s like black magic, witchcraft, and modern sciences all rolled up into one crinkly blanket. Hiking with a guardsman has its perks.

..10/10 would recommend for any locals, or even those traveling to Seattle. The parking lot gets full early, but it’s a small lot so the trail is generally pretty empty. Alternatively you can park along the three mile long dirt trail leading up to the lot and pay the $30 ticket you’ll get from the rangers, or park at the bottom and add an extra 6 miles to your trip.

You can add an additional 10 miles round-trip by hiking up the snowy pass directly below the sun, hitting the summit, and coming down the pass to the right

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