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Sunday things

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I figured this movie was extremely relevant right now so I spent my Sunday afternoon watching Contagion. It was an entertaining documentary about the current events, man were they good at telling the future! (Spoiler alert) It even started with bats somewhere in China. Matt Damon didnt play much of a role in the movie so it wasnt “The Martian: Corona Virus Edition” unfortunately. But it was an entertaining movie. Sure that virus might have been SLIGHTLY more deadly but still, the main concern was the general public going apeshit and society falling apart. And that is certainly the concern. Yesterday I tried to go to the store and naturally all of the water, bread, and toilet paper was gone. But also I found there was no butter, flour, sugar, nor ramen cups. Most other shelves were also lacking but 100% first world problems since there were still plenty of things to choose from. I didnt really need anything but figured I could use a couple of things while I was out doing some more social distancing.

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I saw like a few people though and had to get at least 10 feet within them so idk it was risky. But it was nice to get outside and enjoy some nature. I went to Lake Casitas and this time played the entire round of disc golf. Got in a short bike ride too since I parked outside the gate and biked in to avoid paying the $10 parking charge. Would have been a LONG walk but it was fine on a bike. Then of course I ruined my social distancing by going to the store but such is life, I really wanted some brownie mix!

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