This week I had a codriver/tire warmer for a beautiful day of autocross. We got six runs each and I managed my fastest time on the third run. I was able to repeat the time within 1/10th of a second on my 6th run so at least I was consistent. I had a real good chance of improving my time but I locked the brakes after one of the third gear sections and just lost so much time. Overall a very fun day! This run was good for first in class out of 6 competitors, all similarly unbuilt for the class. So it was quite the fair fight.

My codriver had never driven my car but used to autocross a well built ‘97 Miata so it was all familiar to him. He managed a time about 2 and a half seconds slower than me, good for 5/6 in class. The OBD scanner actually worked for his run so he’s got the extra goodies on the screen.


Aside from the changes in pavement types, the geese crap, and the endless sand, it was a very fun course and got better as the day went on and the surface was more clean. It’s funny that GRC ran the same course (plus dirt sections) the weekend prior. And I believe they have been quoted saying that Bader field is paved with “military grade pavement”, complaining about shredded tires lol.

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