Sunny Sunday Drive

Feels like it has been forever since the Bay Area had a sunny weekend. The stars aligned and I was fortunate to be able to go on a fun little drive.

My usual favourites CA-9 and CA-35 continue to suffer from landslide closures up in the mountains, so this time I tried driving to Uvas Reservoir which is reached by low-lying valley and canyon roads.

The roads are a little too flat and straight for fun driving, but the scenery was great and a good time was had. A coal roller came in at one point and tried to do some donuts in the reservoir parking area.

Went with a guy from my local car club. Alpinweiß E92 M3 with the right wheels.
Phone camera distortion accentuates the gently curved rear hips.
Look, an unmolested SRT-4!! True unicorn status

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