I had the urge to get out of the city and try and catch the sunrise. This is my story.

A year ago I moved from the country to the city to get closer to work. The city is great but I’ve been starting to miss smashing down simple empty roads at 100km/hr with the roof off blasting tunes with nobody around. I only use my car for weekly shopping. I don’t get to enjoy it. So I resolved to do something about it.

I got up relatively early. Drove out west to a small mountain range called the You Yangs which I’d never been to. And then took a detour through Geelong to St Leonard’s beach, because there’s an album about it. I played the album on the way there. It was poetic. Also cold and windy.


Bloody Aussie bush mate

This is the sort of thing I’d role play in something like TDU or GTA V. Take a sports car and cruise down the coast. But I own a fucking sports car in real life, I live near a coast. I don’t need to role play it.

This is the first time I’ve been to Geelong since I bought my first Z in 2010. Oh, the memories.

As I was driving West I missed most of the sky lightening. But I snapped this looking Eastward in Richmond about 6:50am.

Things I saw:

  • A dead ‘roo. Not that interesting for where I am but when was the last time YOU saw a dead ‘roo? Was a big boi, glad I didn’t hit it
  • The Bayside Blue R34 with numberplate GR34T that I saw a couple of months ago
  • A very, very old LHD Volvo, a PV 544 maybe
  • A nice S13 Silvia
  • A VE Commodore wagon with numberplate MUNTED
Made the actual sunrise around 7:40am


You Yangs aren’t massive. But they’ve always been visible from where I grew up on the far side of the bay. Cool to get there.
St Leonards. Not pictured: biting wind, horrid cold


Was stationary. Taken from Little River, almost there, racing that sun.

Shout out to pip bip who’s gonna come in here and tell me all the cool stuff Geelong/Yangs has to offer that I missed.


Cool story about the area: a convict named William Buckley was shipped off to Australia but escaped custody with some buddies. Most of them tried to walk to Sydney (1000km away, lol), he kept on alone through the bush. Tired and dehydrated he eventually settled with a group of Aborigines and lived with them for 32 years. He was eventually pardoned and returned to Western society. He’s a likely source of the phrase “you’ve got Buckley’s or none”, meaning very little chance of succeeding.