Been out of town for about a week and I am soon to be gone for another week, so I figured I needed to cram in some enjoyment of my local area. I got home from the airport at about 1500 so I didnt start this hike until 1600. With sunset being about 1730 and about 7 miles of hiking ahead of me, I knew I would be completing the hike by headlamp. But it was totally worth it for the great sunset views. This hike was only a 15 minute drive from home so I will have to do it again! Plenty of other paths to explore around there too to vary it up.


Top of the hike is at about 3000 feet, meaning it was about a 1500 foot climb making for a pretty decent hike to accomplish in under 90 minutes. Im looking to buy a mountain bike so that I can do this trip more often, obviously via a more mild route. But its a very nice area to enjoy regardless of method of transit. Thats all for now, here’s a bonus shot of flying home earlier in the day from Reno:

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