Sunset on the Blue Ridge Parkway

I accidentally foundy the best/most terrifying driving road ever. NC-694/Town Mountain rd. Connects Asheville to the Parkway. It’s well-maintained but has sheer drop-offs along most of its length and is so twisty you can never see more than 1000ft ahead. In the Chally I was shitting myself just going the speed limit.


Street view does not accurately portray what this road is like. Imagine a touge road, but with a 1-in-4 gradient and the lanes are only a foot wider than your car. The road actually goes up and over the mountain, above the level of the parkway, and then descends to meet it so you have to go downhill on it no matter which direction you’re going in.

I imagine in a much smaller car, and with the road closed so you can use the full width, it could be great fun.

On the plus side I got to run a muscle car through a tunnel with the windows down so that’s one thing I can scratch off my bucket list.


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