SUPER 80s RS200 (Also Hi everybody)

So I made this in response to Orlove's post on the FP where he stated "Trust me, this could not be more '80s if it was doing lines and tagging a subway train." Then I remembered I'm not followed by anybody in Jalopnik, so nobody would see it...

While I'm here I figured I'd say Hi, as this is actually my first Oppo post although I've been lurking for over a year. Dusty Ventures gave me publishing privileges a while back so I could post a video/photodump from the Mt. Washington hillclimb, but it turns out I have no video editing software that can handle the 60fps 1080p footage I took without crashing. I feel kind of lame posting stuff so late after the event, but I promise I will get to it - maybe this weekend. I've been pretty busy with work and buying land to hopefully build on soon.


Quick about me - First car was a 1984 e28 528e followed by a 1990 e34 535 (with limited slip diff!), 2000 outback, 2002 mk4 gti and now a 2005 saab 92x 2.5i (yes the boring non turbo one, but it gets the job done for now) as well as a motley crew of 70's and 80's motorcycles and 2 vespa mopeds. I've always loved rally as it reminds me of the rural and snowy roads I've grown up driving in the Northeast, but I'm basically a fan of anything with wheels on it. No real industry connections with anything, just a fan, but hopefully I can contribute some interesting stuff once in a while. Have a great day, and here's some more RS200 for your time!

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