Let me preface this piece by saying this: Super cars are not bad. A lot of them are very good. But who cares?

As a car enthusiast, it’s cool to see what manufacturers can do with a limited budget to create an awesome car. Whether it’s a cool pickup, a muscle car, or even a small roadster. It allows the working class to have their fun too. You can own a Mustang with dual over head cam V8, or a GT86 with a small but fun little boxer 4. You can take both of these to the drag strip or the track and have fun and be good! But you know what ruins this? That’s right. Super cars.


“Ah yes, it is I! A rich person. I’m here to completely dominate the strip or track with my brand new (insert brand of super car here)”

And it just sucks away the fun. Like most problems, if you throw enough money at it you’ll solve it. But where’s the fun in that? Why do rich people get to have all the good times? It’s a reason why the Dodge Demon, and to a lesser extent, the Hellcat, is so popular. Because even an average blue collar Joe or Jane can take out a loan and smoke a Lambo or an Aston Martin if he or she wanted to.


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Super cars are bad or not enjoyable. They are, very much. It’s interesting to see what a manufacturer can do with a very high budget.

But who cares when you can’t afford it? A very large portion of the population will never be able to afford these cars. So what’s the draw? The attention? The “Look at me I’m driving a very expensive car so that must mean I’m probably very rich” persona that people like to put on when they rent one? If that’s the case, is liking super cars really about the car? Or is it about the perceived benefits that come with being associated with one?


And let’s be honest: At least regular cars are driven. A majority of super cars sit in a garage so depreciation doesn’t hit them. And how is that fun? Drive your car! You want to know which cars do get driven? Regular cars. Cars that have been loved. Not the super car.


The super car deserves more than to just be an untouchable aspirational piece. They deserve to be driven. They deserve more than just 0-60 times and top speeds. They deserve a driver who cares.

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