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Realistically there’s only two weeks of mild riding weather left, and there’s a few delays keeping me from getting it registered and inspected in that time.


The big one is the title. Don’t worry, I’ve seen it and it exists. Unfortunately it’s in the name of the late wife of the guy I got the bike from. He has to get to the RMV (which naturally is only open when he’s at work) and figure out how to get it transferred to him so he can transfer it to me. It could be a while before the Cub is legally mine.

Next issue is the lighting. Everything works but the headlight. It’s wired up right and I know the unit works. I still have some poking around with a multimeter to do but my first thought is the handlebar switch is bad. The power wire from the magneto to it has continuity, but the headlight gets no voltage. Can’t get it inspected until this is sorted out.


The final thing for inspection is mirrors. The bike can’t use universal mirrors, and all the used ones on eBay in North America were junk. I ordered some from Thailand, and while tracking says they’ve cleared customs they’re equally likely to be here next month as next week.

That’s it for things it needs to be roadworthy, and then I just have to clean up a few odds and ends:

The handlebar lower cover is still pink. It can’t be removed without disassembling the entire fork, and ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m waiting for it to be sunny on my day off so I can mask everything and paint it In Situ.


Have to move the seat forward. An OEM seat bracket is in the mail to me now. Gotta grind off the welds holding the homemade bracket onto the seat that are locating it too far back and install the correct one.

Fairing is in the mail and should be here by the end of the week. Right now the Cub is kinda scary because it feels like you’re going 30mph on a bicycle, I’m hoping the wind protection and visual solidity from the fairing makes it a bit easier.


Also I want a luggage rack at some point in the future.

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