Vintage semi truck pulling a lighted car trailer with Plexiglas windows carrying Radwood-eligible rides.

Truck in mind:

Ford AeroMax L9000:

I mean, look at it, it looks so...90s. Sleeper cab is mandatory, especially if you’re going to haul a bunch of rad rides across the country.

Peterbilt 372:


...and it’s predecessor, the 362:


Tommy Ivo-esque:


Yes, Tommy drove the hauler with a ‘68 Vette on top and his dragster(s) lighted up inside.


M2 Machines car hauler style except longer to store at least two cars inside:


Vehicle selection:

1988 Nissan Desert Runner:


1991 Chevorlet S-10 4x4 Baja (in either black or white):

Ford Ranger Splash in Bay Watch guise:


Eunos Roadster M2-1006, the “CobraSter” recreation:

By far the wildest Tachibana creation was the M2-1006 “CobraSter”, as it was referred to by Mazda’s insiders. This was the Mazda version of the infamous Shelby Cobra of the Sixties, fitted with the Mazda 929's Quad-Camshaft, 24-Valve V6 under the hood. The rear subframe was ditched and instead M2 Engineers used the rear subframe and suspension from the Mazda RX-7 for added strength. The front tires were 225/50-16's, and the tucked under the bulging rear fenders they used 245/45-16's tires.


Total cost:

All my organs, all the money in my bank account, and my life.

Value: Totally worth it, dude.