Super GT: The Crescendo

This weekend sees the final race of the 2015 AUTOBACS Super GT Championship, and it also sees me unable to cover the race as I’d like to - yet again - but not only does it get annoying for me, it also robs you of the coverage that you deserve.

One of my fellow Super GT enthusiasts has managed to save the day, however, and took the time to provide everyone with a comprehensive breakdown of what this weekend is likely to offer. Here it is:…

As always, @race_addict, @rjoconnell and @geinou will be able to take you through all the action I can’t. I’d like to thank everyone on here, and across social media as a whole, for their support this year. It’s been easier than last year in some respects, but the increased publicity has made it a tough thing to keep up with at times. Unfortunately, that has proven evident, with my day-to-day life and my own racing commitments getting in the way of providing you with the comprehensive coverage I’d like to. There are other people who have also provided excellent coverage, and their effort has been exemplary in getting articles and live updates out. Without them, none of this would work - and it wouldn’t work without the readers either. This is still only a small operation, but hopefully it can only grow throughout 2016.


Thank you to all of you. Without you, there’d be no point in writing any of this.

Enjoy this weekend, as I’m sure you will - GT Revolution!

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